19 Juni 2010

Soal-Soal Bahasa Inggris SMK Kelas XI

1. May : Dwi, would you like to come to my school party?
Dwi : …., But I am afraid I can’t.
My friend, Dias has asked me to join her for a party too.
a. Yes, I like it c. No I can’t come
b. I would really love too d. Of course I like too

2. Buyer : I like this car. It’s so beautiful. How much you will sell it?
Seller : I can only give it to you at Rp. 50 millions
Buyer : Hmm. That’s expensive.
Seller : Well, …..? I’ll give you Rp. 45 millions.
That’s the lowest price that I give to you
Buyer : Great! Nice to do a business with you. Here is the money.
a. How about this? c. It’s deal now.
b. How much money do you have? d. I think it’s not expensive

3. Man : What is your hobby?
Woman : Oh, …. Stamps. What about you?
Man : I don’t have really any hobbies.
Woman : Well, what do you do in your spare time?
Man : I like playing chess
a. Collect c. Collected
b. Collecting d. Collects

4. Bayu : My hobby is sport. What’s your hobby?
Sonny : ….
Bayu : Have you ever traveled around the world.
a. I like to travel c. I like traveling
b. I like travel d. I like traveled

5. Sam : Are you sure I can pass the test?
Frank : … Since you have studied hard for it these couple of weeks
a. Up to you c. I’m not certain about it
b. I don’t know d. I’m sure about it

6. Mona : What do you suggest if always being exhausted arriving at home?
Vera : …. It helps much
a. Catch some sleep on your way home on the bus
b. Go to sleep after finishing your work in the office
c. Go to the shopping malls, do the sight seeing
d. Take some drinks and eat delicious food

7. Receptionist : The Emerald office. Good morning
Ayu : Good morning. Can I speak to Mr. Johan, please?
Receptionist : …. Can I take a message?
a. Yes, just a moment c. Would you like to leave a message?
b. I’m sorry. He is not here at the moment d. I’ll call back later

8. Receptionist : King of Ticket, can I help you
Customer : Yes, I’d like to book three VIP tickets for ’Teater Koma’ performance next Friday
Receptionist : Okay. … cash or credit card?
a. Can I pay the installment? c. Where is the cashier counter?
b. Can I bargain for the tickets? d. How would you like to pay?

9. Nabilah : Dad, that’s …. Position you’ve ever reach. Congratulation!
Nabilah’s father : Thank you
a. A dreadful c. A disappointed
b. A fantastic d. A shameful

10. Ms. Nina : What do you think about this product?
Have we received our selling target?
Arum : I think, …
Ms. Nina : I agree with your opinion.
a. We should increase our promotion c. I have no idea
b. We do not need to promote it d. Your idea is not good

11. Elen : You know, I heard that several employees in our division are planning to resign from this
Jenny : Is there something wrong?
Elen : Yeah, the management always ask them to work overtime without giving any incentives.
Jenny : ……………….
a. I agree with you c. I refuse your idea
b. I disagree with you d. I completely disagree with you

12. Nina : How do you like this chocolate cake?
Nana : I think ….
a. It is pretty c. It’s delicious
b. They are too boring d. I’m fine

13. Lita : Maybe we need to try the new seafood restaurant down the street next week.
Beni : That will be great, but I am not free on Wednesday or Friday
Lita : ….
a. Why don’t we try the new recipe
b. What about going there on Monday
c. Let’s go find out what we can eat this afternoon
d. How about going fishing on Friday afternoon after work

14. Rian : I’ve got a toothache
Dini : You … go to the dentist
a. Had better c. Would not
b. Will not d. Shouldn’t

15. A : Be carefull, we are almost near the traffic light
B : We … stop when the traffic light is red
a. Can c. Should
b. Must d. May

16. Nania : What do you usually do in your leisure time?
Shila : I love read novels. It makes me happy.
17. Danny : What did you do when you were a child in your village?
Jane : Well, I used to swimming on the river near my house
18. Ani : Do you have any money for the victims of Tsunami in Aceh?
Andi : If I have a lot of money, I would donate it to the children in Aceh.
19. A : There is some interesting books in that new bookstore.
B : Really? I think I’ll go there.
20. Nadila : Have you done your work on time?
Jack : What did she ask you?
You : She asked me that I had done my work on time.
21. Anna : Why didn’t you come to my house last night?
Becky : I didn’t come due to the rain is heavy.
22. Dafasya : What will you tell her?
Nayshila : I am going to ask her to bring the dictionary of mine tomorrow.
23. X : What is your suggestion for my overweight?
Y : If I was you, I would do an exercise every morning
24. There are many kinds of notebook in Indonesia. Toshiba is one of my favorite and Acer is the
other one. The Toshiba is much more expensive than Acer, but it’s better.
25. Anita : I hope your marriage will be happy forever.
Yeni : Although my husband gave much money but I never feel happy.


Question no. 26 – 28 refer to the following description

26. What is the first paragraph about?
a. Florence had a rich and responsible family.
b. Florence lived in Italy with her wealthy father.
c. Florence earned a living by herself for her study
d. Florence behaved and treated her father strongly.

27. What made Florence different in her character?
a. She wanted to get married soon
b. She liked to do many household things.
c. She always dreamt of having a wealthy husband
d. She’s more interested in helping others in her life.

28. “…. whose intelligence, determination, and bravery .…”(last sentence, 2nd paragraph)
The underlined word has a close meaning to ….
a. anxiety c. weakness
b. willpower d. doubtfulness.

Question no. 29 – 31 refer to the following text

29. What is the notice about?
a. Office announcement c. How to repair a telephone
b. Guide to telephone behavior d. Public telephone

30. The successful man ……. We met at the party last week is the general manager of Jombang Company ?
a. Who c. Whose
b. Whom d. Which

31. What should we do if an incoming call is inconvenient?
a. Take the caller’s name and address.
b. Show in your voice
c. Don’t attempt to do two things at the same time
d. Start each call.

Question no 32 – 34 refer to the following letter

32. Whar was the aim of Mr. Axel wrote the letter above ?
a. To ask some information c. To ask an apologize
b. To ask an opinion d. To apply for a job
33. Thank you for your letter of March 20th concerning your visit to Fly-By-Night Travel last Monday. What is the synonym of the bold one
a. Regarding c. Measuring
b. Regulating d. Rewarding

34. The good attitude that showed by Mr Axel is………
a. Gave Ms essien a letter c. Gave Ms Essien a cheque
b. Gave Ms Essien a bucket of flower d. Gave Ms Essien a supplement

Question 35 – 37 refer to the following memo

35. What kind of memo is this?
a. A notice about new policy c. A personnel memo
b. A safety warning d. A reception invitation

36. What is the purpose of the fire doors?
a. To keep smoke away from people c. To keep fire from spreading
b. To provide escape routes d. To contain heat

37. Why were employees probably keeping the fire doors open?
a. To get to a higher floor c. To go from office to office
b. To look at the view d. To let in cool air

This dialogue to answer the question no. 38 - 40
Shopkeeper : Can I help you?
Rendy : Yes, I’m looking for a jacket. Can you shou me the cointer?
Shopkeeper : Of course, come this way, please.
Rendy : Okay
Shopkeeper : Here it is. Anything else?
Rendy : Yes, I’m looking for a Blue jacket
Shopkeeper : What size do you want?
Rendy : I think M, Please
Shopkeeper : All right, here you are.
Rendy : Hmm, I think I don’t like this blue color. It’s too dark. I’d like to have one with
brighter blue color
Shopkeeper : Do you mean light blue like this one. Miss?
Rendy : Hmm. I think it is. It’s good enough to mutch with my blue trousers. May I try this
Shopkeeper : Yes, of course

38. What did he want to buy?
a. jacket c. trousers
b. sweater d. T-shirt

39. Did he directly find the counter he locked for
a. yes, he does c. no, he does not
b. yes, he did d. no, he did not

40. What color did he want?
a. Black c. Bright Blue
b. Dark Blue d. Red

41. Student 1 : Can you tell me, how to operate a computer ?
Student 2 : ….

42. Make the expression of invitation
Kries : …. ?
Wulan : I will come to your birthday party if I have time

43. Ani : What will you do after you graduate from vocational school?
Andi : …..

44. Make an exclamation using what and how based on the sentence!
‘The man is very generous”
What ….
How ….

45. Combine the sentence using cause effect relation given!
The journey was very long. We felt so tired last night.
(Because of) ….

***Good Luck***



1. A 11. A 21. D 31. C
2. D 12. C 22. C 32. C
3. B 13. B 23. C 33. A
4. C 14. A 24. D 34. C
5. D 15. B 25. C 35. B
6. B 16. C 26. B 36. A
7. B 17. C 27. D 37. D
8. D 18. C 28. B 38. A
9. B 19. A 29. B 39. B
10. A 20. D 30. B 40. C


41. First, push the on button / start in the monitor and CPU

42. Would you like to come to my birthday party?

43. a. I will continue my study to the university
b. I am going to look for a job
(pilih salah satu jawaban yang sesuai)

44. What generous is the man
How generous is the man

45. We felt so tires last night because of the journey was very long.

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